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"Blake Denson expressed with such passions and more with his dramatic mastery and richly intoned magnificent baritone voice"
- The Front Row Center


I wrote a Book!!

What is The Unexpected Gift? With love, patience, and each other, a loving Mommy and Daddy navigate life with their daughter. Early on in her life the parents were told of her unexpected gift of Down Syndrome. Their lives would be forever changed. As Yara Moon began to grow her unexpected gift began to show. She overcomes hard realities that many with special needs have to endure. This book was written from real life experience with the hope to shed light on the ups and downs of life with a child with special needs. Yara Moon shows that she was the unexpected gift the entire time.



"Captivates the audience with his dramatic interpretations and striking upper register, which boomed to the back of the house"
-Opera Wire

"Blake Denson stands out among the winners"
-Opera Wire

"The most promising of the Quintet"
-Opera Wire

"Led by a very affable yet intimidating and lustful Blake Denson"

"Blake Denson's vocally hefty Donner"
-The Stage


"Blake Denson was also very strong as Morales. A roaring baritone, almost with a little bass coloring in his voice. One is reminded of Falk Stuckmann. He is an officer, able to to wield power and chat with Micaela at the same time. That was a successful house debut, hopefully he has a great career ahead of him"
-Klassik begeistert

" Blake Denson, who in just the few words he spoke gave an indication of the commanding resonance and size of his voice. He gave an impressive account of Rodrigue's final aria, "Carlos scouts", from Verdi's Don Carlos."
-The Front Row Center

"So to the singers. Who Should I begin with? where credit is due, Blake Denson's Donner was Magnificent. He took a character who really has only one big moment (at the very end) and gave him depth and power. Power, certainly in vocal terms, but Denson has real stage presence too."
-Sean and Heard International

"Denson expressed with such passions and more with his dramatic mastery and richly intoned magnificent baritone voice"
-The Front 
Row Center

"Blake Denson's Jake made the most of "A Woman is a Sometime Thing" thanks to his responsive, cultured baritone voice and its commanding upper register. It is an uncommonly rich instrument that was also shone in "It Takes a Long Pull to Get There""
-Opera Today

"Blake Denson defying the daffiness of Donner"s costume to deliver a blistering summons to the clouds"


"Blake Denson (Donner) excelled in his role."


"Blake Denson aggressive Donner (Brilliant casting-his hugely powerful bass boomed across the stage exactly as you'd expect from the god of Thunder)"
-Planet Hugill

"Donner a full force unyielding Blake Denson"
-Opera Spy Review

"Blake Denson did full justice to Donner's lovely mini-aria towards the end of the opera."

Blake Denson was a beefy and gruff Angelotti
-Santa Fe New Mexico

"Blake Denson... great in complex story....voice abounded."
-London Theatre review

Denson demonstrated a powerful voice.
-Opera Warhorse

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